上高地の宿泊なら五千尺ホテル上高地 - 河童橋すぐ横で観光・散策にも好アクセス

[空室残り僅か!] 猛暑の夏の宿泊は上高地へ!

梓川 夏 上高地








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Summer vacation has come again.  The weather has calmed down and the mild sunny days continue in Kamikochi.  The cool breeze from the Hotaka mountain range is comfortable during the day when the sunlight is strong.

While the reservations for August are almost fully booked, the status changes every day and there may be vacancies just before your planned trip.

If no rooms are available, you can register for the waiting list for the day you want to stay.  The email to inform the vacancy will be sent to you automatically when the room becomes available.

*Please note that the email to be sent is only for the information on the vacancy and does not confirm your reservation.

After Obon, you will start feeling the signs of autumn in Kamikochi.

Please come to Gosenjaku Hotel Kamikochi where you can enjoy the seasonal scenery unique to Kamikochi from the closest place!