Goshenshaku Hotel Kamikochi for accommodation in Kamikochi

Frequently asked questionsQUESTION

Here is a list of frequently asked questions from guests in a Q&A format.
For questions that are not listed below, please contact +81-263-95-2111.

Questions about your stay

Can you stay at the hotel with just one guest?

Yes, you can. However, the price will depend on the date which you want to stay.

How many guests can stay in one room?

According to the fire services act, some rooms can only have 2 guests or 3 guests. For children, we can have up to 2 to share beds with adults.

Why are the rates different according to rooms?

The price is set differently according to the view from the rooms and if it has a balcony or not.

What are the pricing for children’s cuisine and stay?

We offer Junior course and Kid’s plate for diner. We also have a price setting for the children.
Please refer to the details here.

Do you have a non-smoking room?

All the rooms in our hotel are non-smoking. We have a smoking space in the hotel for smokers.

Do you offer cheaper plans at tour companies?

We have set our rates to what are on this website, so there is no tours available that offer cheaper plans to stay at Gosenjaku Hotel.

Do you have a closing time of the front door?

We close the shutter of the front door at 10pm, since there are nocturnal animals around.
However, we have a small entrance door next to the shutter for guests to freely go in and out of the hotel.

Do you have amenites in the room?

Yes, we offer the followings in all the rooms… Pajamas, slippers, face towel, bath towel, hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, cup, toothbrush, comb, cotton swabs, hair band, cotton, and shower cap. (Male: safe shaver, shaving lotion).

Do the toilets in the rooms have a bidet system?

Yes, it is set in all the rooms.

Do you have room service?

We are very sorry to say that we do not offer room service at Gosenjaku Hotel.

What time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in is at 3pm, and check-out is at 11am.

When do we pay and how can we pay?

We ask all our guests to pay on check-out.
You can pay us by cash or credit card (all brands supported). Please let us know if you need early check-out.

Can you store luggage before and after check-in/out?

Yes, we can store your luggage at the front desk before check-in, and after check-out.

Can I send luggage from home to Kamikochi?

Yes, you can. We will keep your luggage at the front desk, and give it to you on check-in.
Please send them to the address below…
Gosenjaku Hotel, 4468 Azumi Kamikochi, Matsumoto-city, Nagano 390-1516
(Phone: +81-263-95-2111)

Can I set the arrival time for our luggage?

Sorry, due to the location of Kamikochi, you cannot set the time (2023 information).
The transport company is just Yamato Unyu, and luggage is delivered and picked up every day only once. So if you want to send your luggage, please make sure it is arranged in advance with a time margin.

Questions about food

What kind of food is served at Gosenjaku Hotel?

We offer a unique taste originally created at Gosenjaku Hotel based on French cuisine that is full of rustic charms. We carefully select fresh and seasonal products from the local areas and the surrounding areas.

What if you have allergy?

Please inform us with your allergy, and we can change the menu for you.

Questions about the facility

What time is the large public bath open?

It is open from 15pm to 11pm and 5am to 9am the next morning.

Do you have free WiFi to access the Internet?

We offer free WiFi, and we have WiFi access points in every room, dining, conversation lounge and café.

Do you have elevators for the disabled?

Yes, we have elevators at our hotel. However, we are sorry to say that the hotel is not totally barrier free due to its structure. There are steps in the hotel, so please feel free to ask us for help whenever necessary.

Questions about access to Kamikochi

How do you access Kamikochi by car?

Kamikochi is restricted from accessing by private cars. Also there are time restrictions for entering the area, and so the shuttle bus and taxi operating hours are limited. Please check here for the details.

Please offer information about the shuttle bus.

The public transport system is the best way to access Kamikochi.
Please refer to the time table of the bus.

Other questions

Can you send luggage by Takkyubin (luggage delivery service) from Kamikochi?

Yes, please come to the front desk of the hotel where it can be arranged.

Can you send letters to friends from Kamikochi?

Yes, please come to the front desk to mail letters. The letters will be stamped with an original postmark of Kamikochi, which is recommended to take back as a trip memory.

Is there an ATM in Kamikochi?

Unfortunately there are no ATMs in Komikochi, so make sure you plan and get ready in advance.